LRM has the ability to construct a variety of masonry structures. Our talented stone masons use intricate precision and skill to create fully customized outdoor living spaces, pillars with gates, stone walls, steps and walkways, fireplaces, built-in barbecues, sitting walls, and driveway aprons to name a few. Custom welded iron fences, motorized gates and elaborate light fixtures can be incorporated into any stone project we build. We can also veneer any structure with stone including front entrance ways, chimneys and fireplaces.

Our talented stone masons work like artists, transforming a vision into a structure made of stone and mortar. Creating outdoor living environments is the latest trend in the industry and our portfolio encompasses this trend. Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pizza ovens, pergolas and landscape lighting are some of the elements implemented into a creative design. We also offer seasonal property maintenance with a full line of services to maintain and protect your landscape investment.

Outdoor Spaces
As more and more homeowners enjoy time outside and entertaining outdoors, landscapes have incorporated the theories of interior spaces, complete with furniture and appliances to create outdoor living spaces with kitchens, living rooms and even bedrooms. New materials and construction techniques are available when constructing outdoor fireplaces or firepit chat areas.

Personalize your outdoors beyond kitchens and patios. Create a comfortable, functional space built to suit your needs such as a yoga garden, romantic canopy bedroom or other outdoor retreat.


Stamped Concrete And Curbing
LRM is notorious for their installation of stamped concrete streetscapes within the town of Newtown and Sandy Hook. We offer decorate concrete as an alternative to pavers or traditional stone products. Stamped concrete has become a popular selection for walkways, patios and pool decks where a more esthetically pleasing look is desired over the look of traditional brook finish concrete. The process in which the concrete is installed is similar with the exception that colored dye is mixed into the concrete. Before fully hardening the concrete is imprinted using a stamp of a selected pattern giving the concrete a desired look. The color and layout options are endless. We also install pour-in-place concrete curbing, granite curbing, and Belgium block curbing.

Water Features
Water gardens, pond and fountains accent your landscape environment bringing nature into your landscape. Systems can be installed providing different levels of maintenance depending on your interest. One example is a pondless waterfall, which can provide the look and sound of a natural waterfall without the care of a fishpond.

Fresh water features including rain barrels, rain gardens and stone retaining walls add stunning dimension to landscapes and can collect, harvest or divert water. In fact, sculpture and pottery are becoming focal points in landscapes and gardens, as well as vase fountains, bubbling or cup fountains and pondless waterfalls.

Deck vs. Patio
When it comes to cost, there is not contest between patios and decks. Factors such as size, backyard configuration, access, materials, etc. determine the cost/value. However, the Census Bureau survey results suggest homeowners prefer having patios outside made of materials that will not rot after 15 years. That, paired with their design versatility, make this easy to understand.

Walkways and Patios
LRM can design and build walkways and patios using a variety of pavers, bluestone or specially imported stone from around the world. LRM is a factory authorized UniLock installer, qualified to install interlocking paving stones and retaining walls.

Retaining Walls And Steps
LRM can build or renovate any tupe of retaining wall structure. We offer various types of materials to construct a retaining wall. Precast or modular walls can be built using Unilock ™, Techno block ™, Redi-rock ™ or even mafia blocks. Native fieldstone, granite and thin stone veneer are also popular for a more custom build. We specialize in lakefront properties and can easily maneuver tight work areas or difficult access locations. We provide our own earth moving equipment as well as detail-oriented masons and foremen to ensure a complete, efficient and superior project you will expect to last.